St Austell Bay Plastics and Windows | Composite doors
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Composite doors

We believe that durability and security are paramount in today’s market place but also that style and choice shouldn’t be limited to meet these requirements.

All of our composite doors come with highly advanced locking systems as standard and combined with its tough outer laminate covering a solid core, makes these doors extremely tough and durable.

The highly robust core materials provide exceptional thermal and sound insulation properties whilst creating the perfect barrier to keep all the warmth from your home in and all the loud noises from the street out.

The door is also protected with a blended polycarbonate skin which has a high impact strength, of which similar blends are used in the manufacture of police helmet visors and even riot shields!

COMPOSITE DOORS – Are available in these realistic grained choice of panel colours with extra options of having a colour on the one side and white the other or the same colour both sides.