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What is Balustrading and its applications?

Glass balustrade has numerous applications within domestic and commercial projects.

Glass balustrade can be installed for aesthetic purposes and practical purposes. Where there is a change in floor level or a drop, a protective barrier can be used to meet building regulations.


St Austell Bay windows offer a range of balustrade systems to meet the varying needs of our customers.


From purely aesthetic requirements, all the way through to protective systems, and we even have some that will withstand a bomb blast or stop a bullet. 

Aesthetically, glass balustrade can be installed as a partition wall where access to views and natural light are desired. There are numerous practical reasons for using glass too. For example, in a museum to protect a particular exhibit or in an area where a defined walkway is required. 

Most commonly, balustrade is installed because building regulations require a protective barrier. In this scenario, glass is a popular choice because the transparent nature of the material will minimize any disruption to the view. Glass can also enhance the architectural quality of the structure. 

In security or anti-terror applications, using glass for your balustrade better enables security staff to see potential threats and these can then be dealt with quickly.


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